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Wear[edit | edit source]

The items that your character wears can provide a variety of effects, but have three specific effects that are particular to your "clothing":

  • Respectability: How respectable/fashionable your clothing is. This is important in all social situations. You may not be allowed entry to some places, if you do not look reputable enough and - depending on the rank of the person you're interacting with - the respectability of your dress may provide bonuses or maluses to your etiquette/persuasion rolls. Generally speaking, you want to maximize the respectability of your social wear.
  • Streetwise: How streetwise/dangerous/intimidating you look. This is relevant for interactions with the underworld of Pirates and Traders 2. Someone walking around with an eye-patch, hook, and multiple guns in your belt might just cause street toughs to think twice before they try to rob you. It can be beneficial for your normal wear to exude a little bit of a threat, especially if you frequently go carousing.
  • Protection: How much protection value the item in question provides you. In this era, the differences are not huge, but a padded doublet still provides more protection than a sailor's blouse. You generally want to maximize the protection afforded by your combat wear.

Your character has three different item configurations:

  • Normal (Default): Your everyday, work set of clothing. These are the clothes your character wears in every day circumstances. It is the default item configuration
  • Social: These are the clothes your character wears to social events; e.g., a local saloon, party, government hall, or when visiting someone.
  • Combat: These are the clothes your character wears when going into a combat situation; i.e., when you know that a fight is going to happen.

In general, you want your Social dress to be as Respectable as possible. You will generally only wear respectable or discreet weapons with this wear.

For combat you want to carry your best weapons and maximize protection.

Your default wear is what you are wearing at all times when you are not being social or in battle. It can be useful to exude some level of streetwise/intimidation, but don't neglect respectability; you never know whom you might bump into while walking around town.

There are generally four types of items available for the character to wear:

  • Headgear
  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Weapons

Headgear[edit | edit source]

Any and all head gear - usually hats. Hats tend to provide a minor bonus to the various clothing effects.

Clothing[edit | edit source]

Your clothing. Clothing tends to be the primary determinant of respectability, streetwise, and protection. More expensive clothing tends to provide you with more respectability. Armor, will, of course, provide you with the best protection, but is obviously not well-suited to social occasions. Military dress uniform, on the other hand, can be quite respectable.

Accessories[edit | edit source]

Your accessories. A character has four accessory slots, and these can be used for whichever items the character wishes to carry on them (for the bonuses provided). Typical accessories are jewelry, items that compensate for a handicap (e.g., hook, peg leg, glass eye), and extra weaponry.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

The weapons that a character is armed with. This determines how the character is armed if he has to go into combat. An issue to keep in mind here is that most weapons reduce respectability (some also increase streetwise). Essentially, it is hard to look like a refined and elegant gentleman (or lady) if you go to a party armed to the teeth. For social occasions, it is best to use more discrete weapons such as a dagger or stiletto, or more fashionable weapons such as a rapier.